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Holla! Amigo, it’s time we meet again and have our serious talk. Talking less welcome on board and enjoy the view.

Love conquers all! The saying goes. But there other factors necessary for a long lasting, happy & stable relationship. Religious beliefs is one of them.

At the beginning of the relationship, the Religion factor may not be a stumbling block, problem comes when it’s time to level up, take the next step “MARRIAGE” 

Religion entails not only the belief on GOD either as a Muslim or Christian but also the belief on the non existence of GOD(Atheism).The issue here (Religion) encompasses the total lifestyle of an individual, dresscode, food even the time and ways of worshipping.

Things most people fear in Interfaith relationships include,

First, internal conflicts on the fear of first being converted from one’s standing faith.

 Again on the resistance from the spouses family, especially if they are strict in religious matters starts

 Also between the spouses on the agreement on where to tie the knot and on the Religion their children should learn.

So, should there be no interfaith relationships?

I don’t think so. Religious differences do not mark the doom of relationships but can lead to long term arguments and tensions, depending on one’s commitment to his/her faith. In solving this its important to first know if you are in or out.

If you are out, it’s best you don’t start on the first place. The tension can be chronic and arguments may possibly never reach a conclusion. Readiness is thus required. Relationships within the same faith have proved success as the couples believe their connection is sanctified or centered on same belief n overcoming difficult situations. 

For those ready to face any situation, keeping their affair intact, it is possible! Cause no matter how resistant the family and society may be, the final decision is done by the spouses on their own. Here is what they can do,

First,there should be respect for each other’s faith and none of them should try convert the other. Both should freely practice their faith and never try to condemn the other by thinking their faith is correct and better than the other.

 Next,discussion on arrangements including;where to get married, faith to follow and their children spiritual growth.

For the case of children, they could agree on which religion to be taught to their children or allow them to learn both and decide which one to follow when their old enough. All in all the children should grow up knowing that their parents respect each other’s religion.

Also,be open minded and ready to support each other. The couple needs to stand together when facing resistance from family and society.

Lastly,seek neutral grounds such as Court marriages. As no one’s autonomy is deprived in this case.
Special gratitude to all those who contributed their ideas in preparation for this post! If you didn’t its not too late, the comment box is below, what are your views on interfaith relationships? This post may be quite helpful to your friends and family so kindly share as much as you can

        Sending love…     


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  1. Vickie says:

    May God help us.. When I sometimes think about this stage ( marriage) which is ahead of us I only end up saying time will tell,, I think we should pray hard for it ili tupewe wa KUFANANA NA SISI
    #Bless you

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    1. jackiengowi says:

      Sure God’s guidance is important


  2. Nyamkecha says:

    Nice to see you struggling to make sure that this young genertion is saved ,stay blessed may the Lord GOD give you longer life AMEN


  3. bondo sizwe says:

    Great thing ..but something outside a box …if some belives that the chemistry of marriage began early during creation thus their spouses are their rib sides…how comes interfaith marriage and are they illegal?

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  4. Esupat says:

    Great lesson!!!

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  5. Rodney says:

    It is a nice argument article .. with a great lesson

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  6. Hafidh says:

    Nice work jackline.

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  7. Its wonderful … lesson to take!!
    To me i can conclude that,..For a better and successful relationship(marriage) its better to engage to a person whom you share the same faith.

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    1. jackiengowi says:

      Thanks for your contributio

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  8. Sunday says:

    Nice work

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  9. Deogratias Lora says:

    Interesting topic…. But i think stable families, don’t just happen, are created basing on stable foundations, that is ” basic common grounds” including religious ground btn the two sides (girl+ her family, boy+ his family) & for any longer lasting & esteemed relationship/marriage, religious & other faiths differences should never be ignored, should be solved at the begining to avoid
    future family segmentation, due to one-sided decisions about religion/faith to follow,, either mother’s decision or father’s decision ( there should be family decisions about it) because through nature human beings are selfish & to avoid future endless arguments on how, why and what their offsprings should believe.

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    1. jackiengowi says:

      Thank you for your contribution

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  10. Nalliy says:

    Wat a wonderful article😍

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  11. Thank you JayTruth…. Got a lesson here, be blessed

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  12. Silas says:

    Reblogged this on goodmaisha and commented:
    Definitely going to ponder more on this though .. ..

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  13. Tney says:

    Amazing article jay….stand and keep hold what you have…xoxo

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  14. Ikaa says:

    I love the article, buh I support marriage between people with same faith, Its much easier to lift each other up

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    1. jackiengowi says:

      It is but the grass is greener the other side pia

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  15. Franklin says:

    Religion shouldn’t be an obstacle between two hearts that are head over heels with one another,..Nyc article pal keep it up….

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  16. Doreen Baltazary says:

    Such a wonderful article…

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  17. Zitacornel says:

    What is important is to have own’s standing

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  18. Dav says:

    Credible paper more blessings upon you

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  19. Betrovia says:

    Amazing article!..a great lesson learnt!!

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  20. Hiten Solanki says:

    This is really helpful article……. To add, one should also not care about what society says, coz they hardly care about the individual, rather, they care about their customs and traditions

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